Gone Through and New in the Archives as of 11/10/1T4

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Over the past few months the EngSoc Archives has received a few things (which may or may not stay with us in due time), and we also have some new stuff up online!

We are currently in possession of some engineering drawings of a student in Department 6 (now chemical engineering) from the 1920s, thanks to the Alumni Office. (Though in chem eng, the assignments were more like general drawings and blueprints of structural and manufactured parts, rather than chem-eng-specific.) They were shown at our first Open Archives Hours session earlier in October, with one of the blueprints briefly on display in the case in the Galbraith building lobby during Homecoming weekend. We got two students wandering in on their own during those Office Hours, which was actually great by our standards (as I may be very terrible at advertising).

The current Toike Oike EIC graciously let us take a look at a couple of handbooks distributed from the S.A.C. (Students Administrative Council, now known as the UTSU by short name) in the 1940s from an older relative of his (see below). Though not in engineering, they were still pretty neat to look at and were also on display during the Office Hours.



On Hallowe’en the Engineering Outreach office passed on a ton of boxes with report cards (after visiting the UofT Archives, I learned they were actually called Student Information Record cards, I think) from the 1910s-1960s. The picture above of boxes is what I’m talking about. We had a number of them displayed last Friday for our second Open Archives Hours session.

The EngSci office has given us a number of photo prints from the late 70s/early 80s, which the Hallowe’en picture featured not too long ago on the Skule Alumni Outreach FB page is from. We’ll have them up on photos.skule.ca eventually.

The Alumni Office had been sharing their stashes of alumni donations with us for some time now. They have also let us display items in the case in the GB lobby. Currently (though that may change soon enough), one can find an Ajax pennant (presumably representing the Ajax Division) with an S.P.S. jersey on the bottom level of the case. I’m personally not sure what exact years they may be from, so if you have a clue, any help with that would be appreciated! The Alumni Office had also passed on the engineering drawings mentioned earlier, as well as a bunch of photo negatives and things now on the photos.skule.ca webpage.

Most recent additions on photos.skule.ca include

Getting even more chilly these days, but I’d want autumn to stay. I think these guys do, too.