Election Time! Article from 1914 Yearbook and Some EngSoc History

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Our new EngSoc officers are in! Now is the time for discipline club chairs, project directors, and BoDs to be elected! A little history on EngSoc (now 130 years old)… Back then, the Engineering Society was more heavily technical/academic in nature. … the fortnightly meetings were used for the presentation and discussion of technical papers, occasionally given by notable guest speakers, many of which were then printed in a pamphlet for distribution.Galbraith gave the society his full support, and even allowed student papers presented at the meetings to be considered in awarding honour standing. The society played an important part […]

90 Years Since the First Iron Ring Ceremony

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A bit behind (based on personal goals) on updating on what’s been going on in the Archives lately, but in light of the 1T4+PEYs and 1T5s receiving their iron rings tomorrow (<1d ’til FeO!), let’s make a push to share some (what they call “administrative”) history behind the iron ring ceremony. Not necessarily EngSoc-centric, but it’s definitely worth knowing. Plus, it’s been 90 years since the first “ceremony”! Featured are deceased Professor H.E.T. Haultain (also first student president of EngSoc) and famous poet Rudyard Kipling ! Pulled from: “Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer, Office of the Wardens, Camp […]