Election Time! Article from 1914 Yearbook and Some EngSoc History

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Our new EngSoc officers are in! Now is the time for discipline club chairs, project directors, and BoDs to be elected! A little history on EngSoc (now 130 years old)… Back then, the Engineering Society was more heavily technical/academic in nature. … the fortnightly meetings were used for the presentation and discussion of technical papers, occasionally given by notable guest speakers, many of which were then printed in a pamphlet for distribution.Galbraith gave the society his full support, and even allowed student papers presented at the meetings to be considered in awarding honour standing. The society played an important part […]

90 Years Since the First Iron Ring Ceremony

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A bit behind (based on personal goals) on updating on what’s been going on in the Archives lately, but in light of the 1T4+PEYs and 1T5s receiving their iron rings tomorrow (<1d ’til FeO!), let’s make a push to share some (what they call “administrative”) history behind the iron ring ceremony. Not necessarily EngSoc-centric, but it’s definitely worth knowing. Plus, it’s been 90 years since the first “ceremony”! Featured are deceased Professor H.E.T. Haultain (also first student president of EngSoc) and famous poet Rudyard Kipling ! Pulled from: “Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer, Office of the Wardens, Camp […]

Commemorating December 6, 1989

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From The Varsity (The Monday Edition), vol. 110, no. 30., dated January 8, 1990 By T. Clive Thompson Engineers remember victims of “senseless” murders Over 600 U of T students and staff packed Convocation Hall last Thursday to attend the “Memorial Service for the Victims of the Montréal Tragedy” held by the U of T Engineering Society. Cosetta Caporrella, president of the Engineering Society, discussed the “unique sorrow” felt by all members of the engineering community. “The incredible human tragedy has emotionally touched all of us as individuals and as fellow engineers,” she said. The huge crowd rose as Caporrella […]

In Remembrance, 1T4

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Today is Remembrance Day. 2014 marks 100 years since the beginning of what was to be known as the Great War. Canada, with their sentimental attachment to the Commonwealth still hanging around and their own patriotism, felt that they had a duty to serve. Of course, as Skule students, we can be aware that engineering students especially had a role to play in both wars (but remember, it’s not just about us). As always, Skule will put on its own memorial services at 11AM on Front Campus. If you were interested, you should definitely check out a couple of places on […]

Gone Through and New in the Archives as of 11/10/1T4

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Over the past few months the EngSoc Archives has received a few things (which may or may not stay with us in due time), and we also have some new stuff up online! We are currently in possession of some engineering drawings of a student in Department 6 (now chemical engineering) from the 1920s, thanks to the Alumni Office. (Though in chem eng, the assignments were more like general drawings and blueprints of structural and manufactured parts, rather than chem-eng-specific.) They were shown at our first Open Archives Hours session earlier in October, with one of the blueprints briefly on […]

A few neat websites on the history of Toronto… in pictures!

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Let’s face it, not only is our school really old, but the whole city is! And Skulemates calling T-Dot their home for 4-5+ years would perhaps appreciate (or be surprised with) how much has changed. I’m sure there are others out there, but I’d like to bring to light a few that I found that are interesting… Old Toronto Maps blog Check out the oldest map that we have of the University of Toronto campus at this blog! You can also check this particular map out in person at the UofT Archives! See below for my own photo of the […]

Archives Website Running!

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For the first update ever, instead of Hello World, why not we say Hello Skule Alumni and Current Students! This website will slowly become the portal to Skule’s Archives and History. Photos, Videos, Stories, Information can be found from here. Also if you want to contribute it’s as easy as clicking contribute and typing out your story, writing your email, or uploading your photos and videos. More to come soon! Cheers. Nico (Alumni Outreach Director) and Catherine (Archivist)