The past is still, for us, a place that is not safely settled.

–Michael Ondaatje (BA 1965 UC)

What are the Archives? Why are they important?

The Archives are a collection of stored documents, media, and other paraphernalia pertaining to some sort of history. The Engineering Society and the University of Toronto Archives hold a number of items reflecting the history of Skule™ and the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. Our history goes back well beyond 100 years, so our journey as the oldest engineering school in Canada is very special to look back upon, and see how we came to be.

On the wall of the University Archivist's office.
On the wall of the University Archivist’s office.

Who is behind the Archives?

The Archivist of Engineering Society is an elected Project Director who works to collect, maintain and share Skule™ history.

Besides the Archivist, who works to build upon our beloved history? YOU! Whether a current student or an alumnus/alumna, with everything that you do/did within your Skule™/university life, you are making/have made a part of history. Whether that is kept or shared to others is up to you.

Who makes up the Archivist’s Portfolio?

Research Assistants
Focusing on themes spanning different parts of Skule™ history, Research Assistants will dig into the changes throughout time on a particular topic, and work to share that knowledge with the rest of the Skule(TM) community.

General Assistants
General Assistants help with the more menial tasks of the Archivist, and when present, assist on special projects within the Archivist’s portfolio.

The Archivist also interacts and works with a number of others in different project directorships and such to help collect and share snippets of past events and stories.

Where to find awesome stuff on Skule(TM) and/or UofT history?

Besides the physical archives located somewhere near the Engineering Society’s office, you are free to visit the University of Toronto Archives within the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library (entrance on the 2nd floor of Robarts Library).

The Archivist manages the photos.skule.ca (for photos), SkuleTube (for videos) and Skulepedia (for written entries on History and Tradition) websites, for which direct links can be found in the website’s menu, above.

An avid reader? Go through our reading list on Skulepedia.

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