A few neat websites on the history of Toronto… in pictures!

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Let’s face it, not only is our school really old, but the whole city is! And Skulemates calling T-Dot their home for 4-5+ years would perhaps appreciate (or be surprised with) how much has changed.

I’m sure there are others out there, but I’d like to bring to light a few that I found that are interesting…

Old Toronto Maps blog
Check out the oldest map that we have of the University of Toronto campus at this blog!
You can also check this particular map out in person at the UofT Archives! See below for my own photo of the map as proof:

UofT's earliest map that they have

Blog T.O. is a great for sharing snippets of history (along with keeping us all up to date with all the city’ current culture). Check out the multiple photos of near the intersection of St. George and College Streets! You can recognize the Wallberg building in the very last photo.

Vintage Toronto
I haven’t seen much that’s close enough to campus, but nonetheless, really nice contributions of photos taken across Toronto. Definitely worth “liking“.
The site tries to be interactive with its audience as well, asking followers to try to identify the location and approximate year of a number of photos. Something that may be useful for our Archives!

So take a look and maybe see where we fit in as a part of Toronto’s history!